Living Legacies is a project that explores the intersection between Singapore’s history, heritage and contemporary visual arts. This year’s edition of Living Legacies: Of Roots and Leaves focuses on our natural heritage. Singapore is endowed with a wide variety of tropical habitats, which support a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

The three selected artists will take audiences on a journey to discover both the historical and the contemporary significance of the country’s natural heritage. Spanning visual images, text, videos and short films as well as tours, trails, and workshops, these experiences will provide various touchpoints for audience engagement and participation, both digitally and in person.

Contemporary Artist, Alysha Rahmat Shah’s Embroidery Work

Alysha Rahmat Shah’s work tumbuhan penyembuhan responds to the colonial tradition of illustrating plants and seeks to counter the perception that the discovery of local plants and their various uses originated in colonial times. Knowledge of such plants and their utility, in fact, pre-dates colonialism and has always been central to indigenous wisdom.

Isabelle Desjeux’s work Did Ali See What Wallace Saw? interrogates the role of botanical gardens in containing and controlling nature in order to exploit plants deemed important.

Shubigi Rao’s video work, Waysides, speaks to the deep sense of loss as a result of our disconnect from the natural world. Examining tropical tropes and representations of nature, she unravels contemporary desires that reflect human-centric interpretations of the natural world.

Join us for Of Roots and Leaves to learn more about Singapore’s rich natural heritage, with her contemporary artists as guides to lead the way.

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Our thanks to Marcia Ong for videography work and Stephanie Yeap and Seet Yun Teng for research and writing work for this project.

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