Curious to learn more about our traditional healing practices after viewing this project?

The Roots website is a great place to start! It’s a repository of key information about Singapore’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, including bite-sized articles about Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Malay Medicine and Urut.

If you’re looking for further reading, here are a few resources that the team has found useful during our research:

David Hoffman
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UK, Thorsons: 2003

Dr. David Frawleyand Dr. Vasant Lad
The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine
Wisconsin, Lotus Press: 1986

Dr Vasant Lad
Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda – Volume One
Albuquerque: Ayurvedic Press, 2001

Hong Hai & Karen Wee
Pursuing the Elixir of Life – Chinese Medicine for Health
Singapore, World Scientific: 2016

Jamia Azdina Jamal
Malay traditional medicine – An overview of scientific and technological progress
Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor Nov-Dec 2006, 37-49

Naidu Ratnala Thulaja
Tukang Urut
Singapore Infopedia

If you’re interested in taking a workshop to learn more, the Ayurveda Association of Singapore and Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine conduct beginner-friendly workshops and short courses on Ayurveda and TCM respectively. These programmes are conducted in English.