Living Legacies is a new digital collaboration between the National Heritage Board and Plural Art Mag for the Singapore HeritageFest 2021, that explores the intersection between Singapore’s history, heritage and contemporary visual arts.

This year’s inaugural edition of Living Legacies: In Sickness and In Health, turns the focus onto health, wellness and healing. Part of Singapore’s inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage, traditional healing practices across different cultures have long been passed down and inherited from our ancestors. Today, amidst the burgeoning wellness industry and despite the dominance of Western medicine, traditional healing is still practiced and, in fact, gaining popularity for its holistic approach towards wellness.

Responding to aspects of health and wellness across different ethnicities and cultures, three contemporary artists present newly commissioned digital artworks.

Adeline Kueh’s Roadside Beauties and other tales of healing explores homemade herbal remedies shared amongst family and friends, that boost immunity, relieve “heatiness” and cleanse the body.

Drawing from modern wellness and image culture, Divaagar’s soft salves follows fictional influencer and model Vita, who shares her encounters with Ayurveda and undergoes a journey of learning about holistic wellness.

ila explores the practice of dispelling or expelling ‘wind’ (or angin) from the body and mediates our personal and collective relationships with wind.

Step into the world of Singapore’s Living Legacies, as viewed through the eyes of her cutting-edge contemporary artists.

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Our thanks to Marcia Ong for videography work and Michelle JN Lim and Seet Yun Teng for research and writing work for this project.

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